It is with our deepest regret and a heavy heart that we must announce
the Closing of the TELOS Fitness Center!

After 18+ years of operation, we will be closing our doors at the end of
today and join the 30% of the Health Clubs and Fitness Centers that
have also had to close this year.

With the challenges this Pandemic and associated economic disaster
has created for most all businesses alike, we simply could not
continue to operate TELOS at this location. We apologize that
we were not able to provide more advanced notice due to
several factors outside our control.

For those of you who have locker rentals with personal belongings
therein, you may try to come by today to clean your locker out.
We will be bagging, tagging, and documenting any personal
property left behind and will provide arrangements for
you to retrieve at a later time.

We are also in the process of obtaining complimentary memberships
for our active members at other facilities to finish out the remainder of
December. We will not be billing for any fitness services that were not
already provided, nor of course, will be billing anyone for January.

Lastly, I want to recognize all our staff who have remained dedicated to
our Mission of, “Providing Fitness Services of the Highest Quality”,
and our Vision of, “Redefining the Fitness Process & Experience!”

It Has Been Our Absolute Honor and Pleasure To Serve You!

Everett Aaberg
Owner / CEO; TELOS Fitness Center
Founder / CEO; ORTHO-KINETICS® Institute