B Howard, Kally Papas & Cathy Lacy

Member Testimonials

The trilogy…. Three gals bonded by group fitness, friendship and a fondness for all things TELOS.  We met here several years ago in a boot camp class and an unlikely bond was formed between a 30, 40 and 50 something.  Kally gives us that ethnic flair.  Nothing says Greek like Kally…period.  Life would be a much more boring place without her in it.  B doesn’t have a tattoo of wings on her ankle for nothing.  A competitor to the core; she’ll run circles around you on the track and refuses to be beat on a dungeon run.  Cathy gets the longevity award having been a member since the club opened in the 80’s as well as a group fitness instructor here for over a decade (kind of the team Mom).

For us, group exercise provides an energy and a camaraderie that you can’t get from a treadmill and an iPod.  Group exercise adds that extra measure of accountability that gets you out of the house and up to the gym on those days when you’re just not in the mood.  Today, we alternate between several classes throughout the week that give us lots of variety.  The mix of instructors and formats provides a little something for everybody.  If you’re new to fitness, any class can be modified to meet you where you are today.  If you’ve been at this for years like we have, you can still get your butt kicked any day of the week.

After class, we love that there’s a place to hang out for a cup of coffee or stay for lunch.  The Café (and the Gazebo when the weather is nice) has provided a place for us to have a lot of laughs over the years.  Not to mention, the food is nutritious and delicious.  (Our apologies for being a bit too loud and obnoxious at times)!  We have to confess that our search for variety has meant that we’ve tried other clubs all over Dallas. The verdict…Nothing compares to the home away from home feeling we get here.  There’s a personal connection with the staff, instructors and other members that you just don’t find anywhere else in town. We have no story of major life change from weight loss or recovery from injury.  What we do have is a long term, healthy lifestyle because our love for fitness and our commitment to consistency is nurtured here at TELOS.  The extra bonus… an enduring friendship.  So, from the trilogy, we say come and join us in class and take advantage of all things TELOS!