Blake Dewitt

Member Testimonials

I’ve walked my whole life on my toes and the balls of my feet. I’ve always had to take extra precaution not to trip up the stairs, or do anything too strenuous to flare up my knee or foot pain. I was told by physical therapists at other facilities that I would have to do mindless band exercises and that the problem was stagnant and would never get better.

Working with my Ortho-KineticsĀ® Trainer, Daniel Tague has been a blessing. I have seen him two times a week for the past eight months and we have made major cosmetic and strength changes to my legs. I have muscle where before there was just bone, I have flexibility where before there was just tightness and where I used to have pain, there is none.

Daniel made our sessions fun, interactive, and most importantly a challenge that I was capable of doing. My knees and feet no longer give me problems. We continue to make noticeable muscle gains every session because Daniel really gives his clients one hundred percent, and everyone can tell he really does care. I can’t wait for the next eight months with Daniel.