Bob & Elise Greenberg

Member Testimonials

Bob and Elise Greenberg PicJanuary 2013 was a time in our lives when we decided to change course. We exercised infrequently and were careless with our diets. Change is what we needed if we wanted to grow old together and see our daughters’ transition into full adulthood and start families of their own.

Due to stress, business travel, poor eating habits, and general lack of exercise, Bob had become very overweight and had the high cholesterol and blood pressure to prove it. Elise, who has had to struggle with intense skeletal/muscular pain throughout her whole life, had developed a fear of exercise as she had experienced heightened pain from physical exertion.

To address our myriad of ailments we decided on two courses of action; Bob would eat better and start to exercise more, while Elise would work through her fear and also start an exercise program in an attempt to lessen her physical pain.

We knew we could not do it alone. We needed lots of professional help and encouragement. Bob signed on with a nutritionist and jointly we started looking for a gym that would assist us in reaching our goals.

To say the least, our search proved frustrating.  Each gym, despite the cost, seemed to have the same problems. They were for the most part run-down and unkempt. The professional staff was disinterested in its members, and the trainers appeared to march to their own training tune, stressing lifting ever increasing amounts of weights over functional strength.

…Then one day we got a promotional flyer from TELOS and decided to make a visit.

Upon first entering the club, we knew things were different at TELOS. The front desk team greeted us with warmth and smiles rather than profound indifference. Members in a class running around the track said, “hi” and invited us to join their class. The trainers appeared to be “singing off the same hymnal” as they took their clients through the graceful moves that are the basis of Ortho-Kinetics®, an exercise system which we would later learn was pioneered by TELOS Co-Owner, Everett Aaberg. We should also mention the club was clean, had a great locker room, towels, all the creature comforts, and a fantastic restaurant. Elise summed it up when she said, “TELOS is like a country club dedicated to your physical well-being rather than to golf.“

As you are reading this you may have guessed that we signed up the day of our tour. Elise was lucky to have Glenn Haugk conduct her assessment. From that interaction, Elise and Glenn worked up a plan of action that included M.A.T. and Ortho-Kinetics®.

The results of Elise’s hard work are self-evident as her pain has lessened. Further, she has overcome her fear of exercise and can be seen at TELOS three to four times per week!

Bob’s results are no less dramatic! He has lost 45 pounds while lowering his body fat composition by 25%. His triglycerides are now in a healthy range, and his high blood pressure and cholesterol are now down to a normal level.

All these changes have not been easy! It has taken loads of hard work and dedication. TELOS’ professional staff, trainers, and friendly members have been there all the way with advice, encouragement, and smiles, thus making our changes possible.

We would love to “pass forward” the opportunities that membership at TELOS has provided to us and encourage each of you reading this to, if needed, CHOOSE CHANGE!!