Cathy Wills

Member Testimonials

My husband and I have been members at International Athletic club, North Dallas Athletic club and TELOS since before the building was built and they were signing up members in a temporary trailer. 30+ years.  When we joined, we had three children who grew up going to the nursery at Telos.  When they grew older, they took the classes and trained with the professional trainers.  Now they are grown, married and bring their children to the wonderful nursery- TELOS TYKES!

A year before my third pregnancy at age 31, my weight was the same as it is today at age 63.  My body fat has been within a range that has fluctuated only 4% during this same period attributed to consistent weight training four to five times a week.  My goal at age 31 was the same as it is today with only a few changes.  I want to maintain a healthy, consistent body fat as well as a healthy heart.  Additionally, now that I am over 60 I want to be able to play with my 7 grandchildren whether on the floor or the playground, as well as not embarrass them or my children in my bathing suit.

Founder of the Ortho-Kinetics® Institute and TELOS owner, Everett Aaberg, was one my first trainers.  At that time, I was doing weight training three times a week but wanting to get rid of some extra fat around my middle and upper thighs from pregnancy.  Everett recommended increasing my weight training days to four or five a week and eating a keto diet, resulting in loss of body fat following the changes in frequency and food intake.  Ortho-Kinetics® Professional Trainer, Scott Fletcher, recommended adding intensity to my workout to decrease body fat. I achieve this by integrating cardio burst between weight sets.

Recently, I joined the “Small Group Training” classes- providing the precision of personal training and perks of a group.  Besides meeting new people and exercising with friends I have had for years, I have enjoyed doing something different.  Knowing that Cecil, Roland, Chania or one of the trainers is watching my form is awesome and helps maximize the workout pushing me that much more.  Trainers watching my form also helps minimize injuries.  Even when I have had a small injury, the trainers are able to adapt my specific workout in the classes.  Speaking of injuries, I have had my share.  If you work out long enough, you will eventually have one.  I feel so fortunate that the Trainer/Therapists also offer a variety of modalities to help recover from my injuries.  It is amazing the relief a session or two of MAT with Tyler can bring.   I have recommended MAT at TELOS to all of our friends that have muscle aches and pains.

I thoroughly enjoy walking into TELOS every weekday morning and seeing familiar faces that I consider part of my family.  If you asked my husband, Jim, he would say that I am miserable unless I get my workouts in!  I think that is a little extreme, but I do enjoy my exercise.  It just makes me feel better, think better and handles life better.  Once inside TELOS, working towards “good health” is such a joy and a habit I can’t live without.