Cheryl Halpern

Member Testimonials

A Family Affair

First, every member of my immediate family (as well as siblings who come to town) has worked out at TELOS.  My husband Andy and I, as well as our two teenage sons, have enjoyed the personal attention and expertise provided by a variety of the professional trainers.  (It is amazing to me how some of the little tweaks they suggest in a posture or grip can make such a huge difference in terms of both results and avoiding injury.)  They have helped me rehabilitate my shoulder from rotator cuff surgery and build strength for tennis, and they have helped both of my boys add muscle to prepare for the rigors of high school baseball.  At least one member of my family is at the club nearly every day of the week.  Last fall, Andy and my younger son were part of the early morning crew three days a week, lifting weights and then eating breakfast in the café before heading off to school.  While we are regulars in the weight room, we also benefit occasionally from massages and experiment with different classes.

Second, the staff and other members have become part of our extended family.  Andy and I have been members at several of the high-end gyms in town over the last 25 years and feel that TELOS is as warm and friendly as they come!  Those at the front desk welcome us by name when we walk in the door and the trainers who know my kids ask about them regularly and take a genuine interest in their progress.  We frequently encounter people we know while working out.  (In fact, when we don’t go
together, we often ask each other, “Who did you see at the club today?”)  There are a number of people that we have gotten to know well and become good friends with,
and many more familiar faces with whom we exchange a smile as we each go about our routines.  The sense of community and encouragement is pervasive.

We all have a variety of options when it comes to our health and fitness routines.  I firmly believe that being a part of the TELOS family enhances both the effectiveness and the enjoyment we get out of every workout.