Chris Brown

Member Testimonials

About 20 years ago, I gained a bunch of weight and ballooned from 160lbs up to 215lbs.  Eventually, the weight took its toll and destroyed my body; a torn ACL, a herniated disc, ripped shoulder, elbow ligament, etc.  All needed surgical repair, but never I never got them done…

The injuries shut down my entire right side of my body and had those muscles dormant for years.  I joined TELOS in 2005, and with the help of Ortho-Kinetics, I worked my way back to playing golf, cycling and various other activities.  The program changed my life physically and mentally!

Due to life, I took a 9-year hiatus from the gym. I again ran into tweaks and kinks from those injuries that started to affect my daily routine.  Those things led me back to TELOS in December 2016.

I showed up to my initial assessment with trainer Ray Wehr having 23% of “skinny-fat” body content at 188 pounds. I was also weak and had very limited range of motion.  We immediately got to work…again.

It’s been an uphill battle, but with Ray’s help I’ve have been able to completely transform my body back to 180 pounds and 10% body fat.   I still have limitations, but it’s no longer slowing me down.  I’m an adventure junkie and Ray has been able to get back to the things I love doing the most.  I just returned from a month-long expedition to the Mt. Everest region, and am pleased to report that it was a tremendous success and lifetime achievement!!!  It took 6+ months of hard work four days a week at TELOS, but we did it!  Looking back 18 months ago, there was no possibility of accomplishing that feat and experiencing that adrenaline rush without the help of TELOS.