Chuck Bauer

Member Testimonials

In a time when the media is overrunning us with a nauseating amount of beauty quick fixes, end-all diets and pleas of “Allow me to operate or sell you a prescription to fix the way you are,” there is always a way back to what we know works:  for me and countless others, it’s TELOS Fitness Center.

I have been a member of TELOS since 2002 and for over 10 years it has been a consistent source of beneficial information. When I joined the club, I weighed a mere 250 pounds . . . and you know the rest of that story. Through consistent effort I was able to maintain 235 pounds and stay extremely healthy. But my association with TELOS, the staff, trainers, and members continued to increase my benefits, even ten-fold.

I am a few years over 50 now. I learned more about nutrition and in November I changed my eating habits. In only 30 days, I lost another 30 pounds and have easily maintained 195 pounds for over 5 months. I don’t foresee that changing.

The health benefits alone have been worth 100 times the monthly fees I have paid over the years. TELOS Fitness Center and all the benefits they offer can help you make changes that will work to your benefit. You will save in health care, and who knows what you could do with that savings alone? But there is more to it than money not used for doctors’ bills—it’s what better health means to you personally and professionally. You can feel better physically and mentally. Feeling better can help you accomplish more. Most importantly, better health will help you be there for your loved ones, and you can’t put a price on that.

I personally give my stamp of approval to TELOS and the culture you will find there. There are no quick fixes in health & nutrition; however, TELOS, with its helpful information and encouraging atmosphere, can get you on a pathway that can change your life!