Cindy Broschart

Member Testimonials

Cindy Broshart Picture WEB headshotI came to TELOS as a referral from my Endocrinologist. I have hypothyroidism, which means I have an underactive thyroid.  After spending about a year under the guidance of my Endocrinologist, she recommended to me that I meet with Everett Aaberg, TELOS Co-Owner, Fitness Director, and Founder of Ortho-Kinetics®.
I first met with Everett in August of last year to gain an understanding of Ortho-Kinetics® and how TELOS could become part of my life.  My doctor and Everett encouraged me to schedule and find time to improve my body and mind.  This was a difficult challenge since
I work very long hours, leaving little time for “me.”
I met with Everett for several weeks and found it wasn’t taking too much of my time.  He laid out a program designed specifically for me, which led me to find two additional hours of training a week with my Personal Trainer, Daniel Tague. Both Everett and Daniel focus on every aspect of my weaknesses, helping me build up my strength and stability, and they constantly watch me to make corrections.  Because of them, I now know how to “fire my glutes!”
My better half, Sam Bryant, also joined TELOS and works with a trainer.  We have found that our days scheduled with Daniel, Jarrod, and Everett are routine and not much can keep us away.  Our posture and flexibility have improved dramatically as a result of this consistent NEW lifestyle.  We have more energy and look forward to living a better, healthier life with the help of TELOS.