Dalia Kaya

Member Testimonials

Dalia Kaya photo for WEB

Four years ago I started to walk for health reasons, and I just fell in love with it. As I got better at it, I felt the need to start running, but I was advised not to try because of an injury to my right knee back in my youth. Thinking walking was my only option, I walked my first half marathon 18 months ago, still wanting to run.

I joined TELOS reluctantly about a year ago. I have never been a fan of sports/health clubs, but I thought this would help my training, since there would be no excuse for the weather.  I saw Remington for my assessment, and I told her I wanted to run. She suggested many things for me to work on, but she never said I could not run. I also talked to TELOS’s Nutrition Specialist, Wes and followed his nutrition plan for me, since the weight loss would help with my knee. I started training with Charlie after that.

Right before a race last year, I had a knee injury again and could not make my race.  I saw Paige for MAT, and Charlie made a special program for me based on her advice. I started to run two months after my injury, and I also lost 12 pounds with my diet. Two weeks ago, I am proud to say, that I ran my first half marathon. It is very important to have a positive environment, because it is contagious. I believe my coworkers saw the positive change I made, and a total of 33 employees from my office participated with me at the marathon.=

At TELOS, there is a real team commitment to help its members improve. I am very happy to be a part of this club. In comparison with other high-end clubs, TELOS has a much friendlier environment. The facilities are very clean. TELOS has many classes and excellent instructors who want to make a difference in their client’s lives. There are many things to do at TELOS, but my favorite time is relaxing in the steam room.

It is easy to fit TELOS into my daily routine, and I hope other people can benefit from this wonderful gym.