David Hodges

Member Testimonials

David Hodges for webMy journey to better mental and physical health began two years ago, when I was recommended by a friend, to join TELOS Fitness Center. I was in declining health with weight and blood pressure issues that I desperately needed to correct. Once joining the club, I was fortunate to have Scott as my personal trainer, who completed a very thorough assessment on me. Based on the findings, Scott put together a great physical regiment that I needed to follow.  During the sessions with Scott I had learned to properly use the equipment to provide the best use of my efforts and the dedication needed to correct my issues. To address my weight issue, Scott suggested I meet with Wes to get an assessment of my food intake and eating habits.  Wes designed a food quality and intake quantity regiment for me to follow that works.

As we all know, you get nowhere without complete dedication and mental focus on the task you need to successfully accomplish, and so as it is with me I followed the most excellent and competent advice of Scott and Wes to help me move toward better health. The benefits so far I have accomplished with the TELOS Fitness Center team mentioned above are as follows;

Starting weight – 237 pounds
Current weight – 160 pounds
Starting body fat content – 36%
Current body fat content – 16%
Starting blood pressure – 184/86
Current blood pressure – 130/70 with a resting heart rate of 51 BPM

I must also commend the TELOS Fitness Center on their up to date equipment, most helpful staff, excellent atmosphere, clean surroundings, great food and fun events.

This journey is not an easy one; it takes constant vigilance and dedication to keep improving and moving toward better health and I would like to thank the TELOS Fitness Center Team for helping me progress to achieving my goals. I am currently on my third progressive physical workout regiment and I plan to continue with the hard work here at TELOS for many years to come.