Debbie Woodruff

Member Testimonials

As a member of TELOS for many years, as well as a member of the Advisory Board, I could not be any happier to offer my endorsement of this club. From the time I walk into TELOS every morning-okay, most mornings! –until the time I walk out, I am treated like someone special. The energy and healthy attitude of the staff is positively infectious…Not only do I feel better, I feel fitter, immediately upon entering the sumptuous environment at TELOS.

I am in my fifties and had begun to fear that the years were taking their toll. When I started working with Brent and the rest of the TELOS crew it was with preventive measures in mind. I had no idea that I had been preventing myself from living my full potential—for years. My upper core was my preeminent concern and, now (I am thrilled to say) that it is one of my proudest features.

The expert trainers, state-of-the-art facilities, gourmet café and luxurious appointments are without parallel in the Dallas area. Having more than twenty years in the style and beauty field, I am consistently impressed with the emphasis on customer satisfaction that motivates the TELOS team—it is a privilege to lend my support. And, if you’re a racquetball enthusiast as I am, TELOS is the place for you! There are four pristine courts and I am making it my personal mission to bring the eighties racquet sports back…one glove at a time. See you downstairs!