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Friendly Happy Employees…make for Friendly Happy Members!

Dr Hank Seitz CROPPED FRAMEDI was recently watching a game with my friend Jim, and he mentioned that he joined TELOS.  I had been a member of another high-end fitness club for several years, but he spoke so highly of TELOS, I just had to check it out! Jim’s high appraisal of TELOS prompted me to visit the next day, and I was delightfully surprised at how wonderful TELOS was. I joined the club that same day for many of the following reasons as I compare TELOS to my previous fitness club and other health clubs out there.

The employees are so much friendlier.  I am greeted as “Dr. Hank” with a warm smile each time I come into the club. The trainers are so much more willing to assist.  Trainers at my former club rarely greeted me, whereas TELOS always has a trainer available to answer any questions while working on the machines. CHALK Bar and Grill is operated by a chef from “Hell’s Kitchen,” and she cooks up special meals and soups every day at lunch.  The ‘other’ grill just has employees making food that does not taste very well (and I am being kind saying that!).  Even my fellow members are friendlier.  I have had more good conversations in the past month than I have had in several years while at the gym.  Friendly and happy employees make for friendly and happy members!

The men’s locker room is more like my living room.  There are several big screens and a few small TVs where you can sit in the most comfortable recliners… so comfortable, that you might actually catch a fellow member snoozing on it once in a while. The showers are huge, and I appreciate not bumping my elbow into the wall like I would in the small showers at the ‘other’ club. The Nautilus machines are so comfortable, it is like sitting in my BMW… there is nothing like comfort while working out!

Though the big things are important: the highly trained professional trainers, Chef, top of the line equipment, comfortable showers, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, and cold plunge, it is also the little things that make a big difference, such as quality shaving cream, versus watered down white cream, quality mouthwash cups, consistently stocked towels, in-stock tissue, and virtually in-stock everything!

It is incredible that with all these fine people and amenities it never seems like it is crowded. There is always equipment available, showers, and everything else where I feel like it is just me and a few others. I also love that I can call from the locker room to order food so it is ready when I walk up to the fabulous CHALK Bar and Grill with the people who are so nice and accommodating.

There are plenty of factors that differentiate TELOS aside from the ones mentioned above. For example, the complimentary Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment that members receive is like nothing I’ve experienced. This Assessment is very unique and thorough, teaches you so much about your body, and provides you with a customized exercise program to help get you started.  The list goes on, but this gives an idea about how special TELOS Fitness Center is to me. Many thanks to TEAM TELOS for improving the quality of my life and helping me to become healthier in such a wonderful atmosphere that treats me like royalty.


Dr. Hank Seitz

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