Felicidi Fulford

Member Testimonials

Felicidi Fulford Pic- websiteWhat is there not to love about TELOS!?  For the Fulford family, it truly is one stop shopping for the gym. A very important feature for me, being a stay at home mom, is child care.  Carolina and her team in Tykes Childcare is top notch!  My kids love to go to the gym and often beg me stay longer when it is time to leave.  I find comfort in knowing I can enjoy my workout and never worry that my kids are being well taken care of.

From the moment my two children and I walk in the door we feel welcome.  Never do we feel as if we are just another member.  Nikki and Lindsay greet all 3 of us by name and with a warm smile, always asking how we are doing.  Then we shuffle on down to childcare where Carolina, Adriana, and the Tykes staff are waiting.  Now it is Mommy time!  I head into the locker room to get ready for my workout.  As I enter the door, I can feel my stress begin to drain away.  I stop for a sip of the refreshing lemon water, dump my things in a locker, pop on my trainers, and head out to meet my trainer on the fitness floor.  Along the way I am usually greeted by Lindsay in Member Experience or Paige as she readies herself to train her next client.

I have been training with Wes Cade for close to 6 years now.  Wes has been fortunate enough to help me lose my baby weight from 2 pregnancies.  Joking aside, Wes is an important part of why I love TELOS! He is very professional and meets me where I am at in my fitness goals.  Never do I feel pressure to try and be the athlete I am not.  Rather, it is about strength and balance for the long term.

Once I have finished my workout, I always head over to CHALK Bar and Grill to enjoy a healthy and relaxed lunch.  Most weeks my lunches at CHALK are the only meals I have in which, one, someone else cooks for me!  And two, I don’t have to get up 20 times to get something for someone else.  Carrie and her staff are always helpful and attentive, and the food is always wonderful!  Carrie always pulls out all the stops on the daily specials.  In early September she had a pork dish that I kid you not, was an explosion of fall flavors!  Delish!  I especially like that there is a healthy kid’s meal on the menu.  When we visit TELOS, my kids always ask for the kid’s meal for lunch.  I like knowing that I can work out and enjoy a healthy lunch all in the same place.

After lunch if I am looking for a quiet place to settle my mind, I head out to the pool to enjoy the afternoon sun and read a book.  During the winter months I especially enjoy the warmth and therapeutic features of the steam room and dry sauna.

TELOS is not only a place for elite athletes, but a place for mommies who want to shape up and lose the baby bulge.  My family and I love TELOS, because the staff here has embraced and cared for each of us. TELOS is so much more than just a gym; it is truly an overall fitness experience.  TELOS Fitness Center is an oasis, a first class workout facility, a gourmet restaurant, and so much more, but most of all, TELOS is our home away from home!