Gina Lehrmann

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A Healthier Frame of Mind and Body

Most of my life I’ve been on the roller coaster weight loss ride. I’ve tried several different “fad” diet programs with no success. I would drop the weight fast and then put it back on even faster.
Like most people, I wanted the quick fix route.  I finally realized within the last couple of years that a quick fix equated to a quick failure. The only way I was going to have success was to change my lifestyle. That change was plain and simple…off the couch and into the gym!

That change has resulted in a 100 pound weight loss!  After determining a life-long approach to healthy eating…. I wanted to implement a life-long approach to healthy exercising…..enter TELOS!

Most of the weight loss came from lots of cardio work. I had not really added any strength training
to my routine because I wasn’t sure where or how to start but I knew my workout would not reach full potential without it.

Thanks to my TELOS Ortho-Kinetics® Trainer, Jarrod Brock, and the Ortho-Kinetics® Small Group Training class led by Ortho-Kinetics® Trainer/Director, Cecil Hightower, strength training is now a regular occurrence in my exercise routine. I’ve learned that from working out under the watchful eyes and amazingly skilled techniques/programs of these trainers my workout regime is in the best hands possible – literally. While working out in the Coliseum area or in the group fitness studio every Monday and Friday morning, I get what I refer to as my “trainer tweaks”. I am always amazed how the most minor adjustment or “tweak” given to me by my trainer in areas like my stance, the way I hold my head, the way I bend my knees, the way I turn my wrist or squeeze my shoulder blades improves my exercise.  After receiving the necessary “tweak”, I can immediately feel the difference and the increased output in my muscles. They’ve shown me different exercises to help strengthen my back which has given me pain for years and they’ve shown me different stances to take or angle adjustments for my troublesome knees. One thing is for sure, the “tweaks” are priceless!

I have also come to love the people and the atmosphere at TELOS. I don’t know many other places where you can find so many smiles, warm greetings and laughter at 6:00 in the morning. The 6AM crowd has become an extended family to me and I enjoy starting my day with this lively group. They make working out a truly delightful experience.

I now lovingly refer to TELOS as my home away from home.