Holly Hoffman

Member Testimonials

Holly Hoffman largeI have always worked out off and on but with a young family and being a working mom, I was never really able to get a momentum going where I could stay fit. Once our daughter started driving I decided to commit myself to morning workouts. I re-joined TELOS three years ago in an effort to start being consistent with my fitness. Having been a member before, I knew TELOS was the place I needed to be to fulfill my goals. Between running on the treadmill a few times a week and participating in Pilates classes, I built up the courage to run my first 5K at the age of 42. It wasn’t just your average 5K, it was the Warrior Dash and I was hooked. Since then I have participated in 5K’s as often as I can manage. When TELOS brought in BodyBar it was a bonus for me. This synergy has not only added to the benefits and amenities of TELOS but has increased my love for Pilates and overall fitness. My mornings at TELOS have become a necessity in my life. If I do miss a morning my day just doesn’t seem right. After a great workout it is always nice to sit in the steam room or chat with my friends as we get ready for our day in the beautiful locker rooms. The staff is always accommodating, friendly and eager to help you obtain your goals and needs. TELOS is not just an excellent fitness center, but it is a community of positive uplifting people. This is something I never found at other facilities. Thank you for providing the environment I needed to reach my goals.

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