Ike Morton

Member Testimonials

Ike Morton for NEWSLETTER and webWhen I joined the International Athletic Club, as this building was called back then, there were probably only two or three clubs in the whole country built exclusively for working out. This huge building with state of the art everything, right on Dallas Parkway, but it looked very different than it does now.

The club fitness craze was new and exciting back then.  Keep in mind that in the early 80’s, Happy Hour was what was happening after five p.m., not aerobics.  It wasn’t long before it was evident that the club was at the forefront of a fitness movement that was sweeping the nation and it’s still going today as TELOS.   Before it was TELOS, there was basketball and big aerobics classes of 50-75 people at a time in the gym – all happening on a Saturday; high volume energy, beautiful people, and even a few celebrities; weekend pool parties, dining and drinking – it’s actually a bygone era.  Oh yeah, cheese fries was a staple on the menu.  Hey, the average was young and youngest.

Things changed, the country changed, and the club changed for the better, members grew up, new members joined, and we all continue to enjoy this unique fitness experience.  Diet, exercise, yoga, spin, and spa treatments replaced basketball and aerobics.  A fabulous weight training facility and many other amenities still make TELOS one of the top clubs in the country – totally devoted to fitness.

I’ve been a member since the original club was built, and I’ve witnessed it change with the times.  The management at TELOS has done a terrific job of meeting everyone’s needs.  There are new young members, and once young, now older members.  But hey, we’re all still at it and having great time doing it.

I want to express my gratitude to all the members – past and present who I’ve enjoyed being with for the past 28 years, and look forward to many more to come.