Janice Smith

Member Testimonials

Most of my adult life I have had some sort of fitness routine, ranging from weight training to racquetball, to running. But it was all sort of pieced together without much substance. In other words, I just never found the results that I wanted. But when TELOS came into my world, that all changed. Now, working out at TELOS is a must for me. I have been a dedicated pupil of Pilates here at TELOS for nearly eight years.

I have been training with Louise for over four of those years. Pilates emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement. That sounds perfect for me and it is. The benefits from Pilates are endless. I have seen my posture, balance, and flexibility improve dramatically and I have definition in places I didn’t think could exist. This is where I found my core.

At one point last year, I was complaining to Louise of pain and discomfort in my shoulder and hip areas. She suggested I see Everett for treatment. After the initial Assessment, we scheduled an Muscle Activation Techniques (M.A.T.) session. Apparently, my problems went beyond the shoulder and hip. After a few sessions, the shoulder problem was gone. In order to correct other problem areas, Everett said it was time to move on to Ortho-Kinetics Training.

I started training with Jarrod. He pushed and challenged me each week. With a perfectly laid out program, specifically designed for me by Everett and Jarrod, we are slowly getting my body to move the way it’s supposed to move. This is where I found my glutes. Glutes! Who knew? I love my glutes!

By integrating Pilates, Muscle Activation Techniques, and Ortho-Kinetics Training, I have improved my spinal and pelvis mobility. I walk the track four days a week here at TELOS and because of my fitness program; I have discovered while walking, I have more energy and stamina. I also have benefitted from the Nutrition Program. One of the best habits I gained from this was keeping a Food Log where I write down everything I eat along with the calories. The result? Healthy weight loss program I can use anytime.

So it just doesn’t stay in the gym! I have better body awareness and just better movement all around. As an added bonus, I have better range of motion, which has improved my golf swing…and in turn has improved my golf game.

To sum up the benefits of being committed to my fitness routine, I feel fantastic and I have no plans to slow down anytime soon.

Finally, the staff of professionals at TELOS have been very supportive, which makes my workouts that much better. Everyone who works here makes you feel special. From the moment I walk in the door I feel GOOD. When I walk out, I feel GREAT and the rest of my day is made.