Jim Jehli

Member Testimonials


TELOS is a fun place to be and is my home away from home.  I really enjoy the club, the great people that work at TELOS, and working out with my friends in the classes I take (Sports Nut, Yoga, Hype, and Tabata).  I joined the previous club in 1984 when it was first being built, and at that time it was called International Athletic Club. Patti Heimbuch was the first person I met.  She was selling memberships in a trailer in the parking lot, because the facility was still being built and was not open yet.  She convinced me to join IAC, so thank you Patti for being so persuasive.  International Athletic Club later became the North Dallas Athletic Club, and now of course, we know it as TELOS Fitness Center.

I am very proud of TELOS and really appreciate all the positive changes that have been made in the last 10 years.  The facility has gone through many upgrades, which include changing the basketball court into a world class training center, revamping the locker rooms & showers, adding a beautiful yoga room, changing racquetball courts into workout areas, adding a spin room, upgrading the front desk and bar/restaurant areas, adding great amenities that members enjoy, and improving the offices. Brent, Everett, and their staff have done a tremendous job of transforming the club into not only the premiere club in Dallas, but one of the best clubs in the country.  All of these upgrades have been the result of the vision of Brent and Everett, but could not have been done without the hard work of Maintenance Director, Wayne Higgins.  I am constantly amazed at Wayne’s construction abilities and appreciate all the things he has done to improve the club.

My reason for remaining a member for all these years is because of the great facility, classes, and the instructors. Since becoming TELOS, we now have one of the highest quality group fitness programs and even greater variety of classes to choose from. I consider our great instructors to be my personal trainers, even though it is in a group setting.  I would like to recognize the great teaching that is done by the yoga instructors whose classes I attend including Deborah, Lindsay, Youka, and Ramona.  They are very inventive in the vast variety of ways they teach their classes, so the classes are always fun and challenging.

Anthony’s Hype class is a great overall cross fitness class that really tests your endurance and strength, and he continually improves his classes, which we all appreciate.  The Sports Nut instructors all have a different way of teaching the class, which is fun and challenging. Micaela, who I have known for a number of years, teaches Sports Nut and TBC.  She is always changing her classes to make them more enjoyable and challenging, so I appreciate her dedication to making our workouts a test of our fitness level.

I also appreciate the high quality of people who work at TELOS.  It is not easy finding good people, so the management team should be commended for the great job they do of finding very good people to work here.  When we first enter the club, we are greeted by the friendly service desk staff, and they do a great job of welcoming us, knowing who we are, our workout preferences, and are very responsive to our requests.  Additionally, the club is always clean and is well maintained, which takes a lot of work. It’s easy to forget the people who work hard to maintain the facility, so thank you to all of the people who keep the facility looking great.

Besides being a great place to work out, TELOS also puts on great social activities.   I really appreciate the innovative parties that TELOS throws for us, so thank you to everyone who works on getting sponsors and for transforming our club into a party a couple of times a year.  I know Chef Carrie works hard to provide us with great food, and I appreciate the fun party activities she plans.

I have brought a number of friends and relatives to work out at TELOS, and they are always impressed with the vast variety of equipment, and the overall ambiance and professional look of the club. TELOS is a place that we can all be proud of, and it is fun to share it with friends that have not experienced a club as nice as ours.  I am really looking forward to the 10 year anniversary party as well as many other fun activities to come.