Jon DeLord

Member Testimonials

In June of 2009, I was involved in a head-on collision. The wreck left me with two torn rotator cuffs and ligament damage to my left foot and ankle. Needless to say, I was laid up for a couple of months and everything about my lifestyle was sedentary. Everything but my eating habits that is.

In a span of 6 months while I was rehabbing, I gained about 20lbs and just didn’t feel good about myself. Unfortunately, I was still trying to heal my body so working out was not an option. Once I was finished with my rehab, I desperately wanted to lose the weight that I had gained and I tried everything. I hired a trainer at one of the “chain” gyms and after about three months, I realized that I was throwing money down the drain because I wasn’t seeing any results and I felt like he was designing my program on the fly. I was also reinjuring myself here and there during those three months so I had to take time off. After that, I tried boot camp three days a week and again, no results…along with recurring injuries.

Finally, I found TELOS Fitness Center one day while I was doing a random Google search for personal training. The idea of Ortho-Kinetics intrigued me, so I figured why not? Nothing else seems to be working so I joined in September of 2010. I knew something was different the second I joined because I was told not to do anything until I’d had my assessment with Cecil.

After three 1-hour long torture sessions with Cecil, he said, “You keep injuring yourself because you have a ton of weak points on your body, and a lot of scar tissue from your wreck. We need to build up your strength and stability before we go into all out training.” Though I didn’t like the idea of lifting light weights, I was impressed and comforted by the fact that Cecil took the time to understand exactly how my body worked and frankly, why it didn’t work.

Over the next year, I trained with Daniel once a week and at least three days a week on my own. I also met with a TELOS Nutritionist to analyze my diet and thankfully, I didn’t have to change too much of what I was eating. I found out that I really only had to cut back on the amount of food I was eating at each sitting. Much better than some fad diet!

Overall, since I’ve joined TELOS, I’ve lost close to 40lbs (I’m lighter than I was before the wreck) and about 10% of body fat. I love the way I look but more importantly I love the people I’ve met here. From the trainers, to the staff, to the members, the one thing I didn’t expect when I joined was the sense of family and community at TELOS. It adds another layer of motivation to make it to the gym. Not only to be healthy, but to also see your friends. I couldn’t be happier to be a member!