Julie Shaddock

Member Testimonials

Julie ShaddockI joined TELOS in November 2014(thanks to Kari Hightower’s awesome club tour and enthusiasm). Since then I’ve been working out with the amazing Scott Fletcher three times a week. Scott is high energy trainer who has a great way of encouraging me, and everyone he trains. Scott and I have focused on full body conditioning with weights and cardio. He has also helped me focus on nutrition, an important part of the puzzle. In the last year, I had a lot of debilitating back pain.  Now with my strength training regime my back pain has totally gone away. That would have been exciting enough, but in addition I have lost over 20 pounds! I play on an outdoor soccer team, and my stamina has greatly improved. I run for 90 minutes, about five miles a game and I’m in better shape than I was ten years ago.

TELOS is a great facility with great equipment and trainers. There is no other gym I’ve been to that inspires me to work as hard as I do at TELOS. That has everything to do with the staff and trainers. Everyone there makes you feel appreciated and part of a greater team.  I have made great friends there these past couple of months and always look forward to catching up with them in the locker room after my workouts.

I’m a busy Mom with three kids, and I have realized that working out at TELOS has made me a better mom. Work out time is my time. When I have a physical and mental break, I come back to my family healthier and happier and ready to tackle life. TELOS Tykes has given us the freedom to work out even on the weekends and our kids always have fun there.

TELOS has also helped my husband, and I connect in our busy lives. He works out with a trainer there too and after our sessions we will meet for a healthy lunch date at the Chalk Bar and Grill.  My in-laws are also members.  TELOS is a family affair!

When I started, my goals were to lose weight, feel strong and get healthy with a lifestyle I could realistically maintain.  I couldn’t have reached these goals without Scott Fletcher; he is not only my trainer, but he has also become a good friend.

My only complaint- I wish I had found TELOS sooner!

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