Kathryn Clark

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Kathryn Clarkweb  Kathryn Clark3webMy family joined TELOS in May of 2006.    At the time, I was very young and was very involved in school activities, therefore, I was not an active member.  I watched as my parents and brother would go to workout, and knew they loved it.

Fast forward to 2013… I started high school and began coming to TELOS a couple of times a week after school (off and on until 2015).  I wasn’t that serious about my workouts, but knew that I needed to exercise more than what I was at the time.   I still was not in good shape, my nutrition needed serious help and I felt like I needed to get fit before I left for college.  I went on a school visit to University of Arizona and knew that’s where I wanted to go to school and at that time, a light bulb went off.  Since it is so hot year round in Tucson, I knew it was time to get into shape since wearing shorts and bathing suits were a daily practice there.  I was determined to be the girl that left for college in shape and STAY that way.  I didn’t want to be like everyone else, gaining the “freshman 40.” My mom had been working out for a few years with Scott Fletcher and she suggested that I start working out with him as well.  I have a reputation of being a “chatty Kathy”, so this was going to be a tall order for Scott to not only get me to be focused training and not talking, but also help me with my nutrition and overall health.  I never drank more than 2 bottles of water a day, which now has changed into 8 bottles a day.  What a difference that has made in how I feel.

Scott taught me how to be committed to lifting weights, cardio, and nutrition.  Since I started with him, I have dropped 10% body fat, gone done 2 jean sizes, have not been sick a single day, and have learned how to eat properly.  The stepper is the fat burning machine and I have clocked hours on it.   Thanks for all the intervals Scott!  I got up every day in the summer at 7 am to go to the gym and get my workout in.  I am now at the University of Arizona and I still get up every day at 7 AM to workout.  I scheduled all of my classes later in the morning just so I could get my weights and cardio done early.  I have been eating nutritious food daily and not falling into the freshman junk that everyone eats.  I have not had pizza once!  Scott equipped me with a workout and nutrition plan before I left so I know what workout I have each day and he sends me a new workout plan each month.  He has completely changed my life.  I have so much energy, feel amazing, and am determined to be the girl that leaves for college that not only loses weight but also continues a healthy nutrition program.  I am off to a great start.

Thanks so much Scott and TELOS!