Kimberly Warr

Member Testimonials

After over three years of training at a local kickboxing/MMA gym I decided to take a break and join a ‘regular’ gym that was closer to home. The new gym offered a very low monthly price however, as you would expect, for the price they offered very basic equipment and services. For a while the change worked out well, but then I realized that I wasn’t motivated to go as often as I had hoped. The gym was too basic and didn’t offer any motivation.  For me motivation has always been the biggest factor for sustaining a long-term physical regimen. Also I had been reading and learning about the positive effects from frequent sauna use.I began realizing that, for motivation, I would need to join a better gym that included access to a sauna.

Because of my busy work life, finding a new gym was not at the top of the list, and several months had gone by with nothing changing. At the beginning of the year, I was faced with my most challenging hurdle yet. A 6mm bulge in my L5-S1 vertebrae which caused severe back pain to travel down my entire left leg. I had a degenerative disk disease that had been getting worse for years but I had no idea until it was too late. Saying that it was ‘difficult’ to get around for work was an understatement.  Going to the gym was out of the question; or so I had thought until I met Avri and the team at TELOS.

As luck would have it, my work actually led me to TELOS. Upon arriving for my first meeting with Avri, I was very impressed with the expansive layout and themed décor. Avri and Kari asked if I would like to come back for a tour with my husband.I mentioned my back problems and they never hesitated letting me know that their Ortho-Kinetics® Training staff was trained and well qualified to assist .I’ll admit I was very hesitant but remained hopeful. My muscles had already started deteriorating due to months of extreme inactivity. I scheduled a tour for that Saturday to come back with my husband. Honestly I really had little intentions of switching gyms, mainly because of my injury. That was until I stepped into the woman’s locker room. Offering both wet and dry saunas as well as the private soaking tubs; I instantly knew that I wanted the ‘TELOS Experience’ instead of my ‘basic’ gym membership. Even if I couldn’t work out in the gym, I knew that I could really use the time in the sauna. Between the locker rooms and the Ortho-Kinetics® Program, I was hooked. Also, the gym was less than a mile from our house, so everything was lining up for a win-win situation.

One of the many benefits of the TELOS experience is the access to the qualified training staff. I was scheduled to meet with Matt for my initial training sessions. He was very professional and reviewed my medical history thoroughly with me. Beginning with a methodical approach as to ‘how’ he would handle my injury, he made me feel relaxed and comfortable. He always ensures that I am never in pain while working with him, and if I do experience any pain he takes a step back to rethink his approach. Since beginning my work with him, my range of motion has greatly improved and that’s all thanks to him.

As for my husband he has enjoyed working with his trainer, Jenna. Together they are working on a specific routine for his personal needs & goals. Seeing improvement week after week keeps him motivated to always go back. When our schedules line up, we are always excited to go to the gym together. With all the amenities we can easily spend a few hours at the gym, and neither of us mind at all.  

Remember I said in the beginning that motivation has always been my biggest factor to ‘get up and go’ to the gym. Motivation was hard to come by at my previous gym, but has never been a factor since I have joined TELOS “It’s personal”.