Kristin Altenberg

Member Testimonials
Kristin Altenberg PicOn any given day, my family was at a track meet, football or basketball game, or a gymnastics meet. You name it, and I was either participating or cheering on one of my three older siblings.  When not at a sporting event, we were either skiing, biking, swimming or shooting hoops.  My late father was drafted in the 1960 NBA draft to play for the Cincinnati Royals and holds track records that are still not broken today.  He was known as “The Natural,” so naturally, health and fitness is my entire life.In college, I cheered for the 5-time National Cheerleaders Champions Oklahoma State University Cowboys. I cheered for football and basketball as well as the competition squad.  Because I was on the co-ed squad, we had weekly weigh-ins and our body fat was tested periodically throughout the year. We had specific weight & body fat requirements so other than talent; it was one of the deciding factors on whether you could even tryout or remain on the squad. Maintaining a very lean athletic body was imperative.Throughout the years I have had several different gym memberships, personal trainers, and did whatever was the latest fad workout at the time.  I seemed to eventually get bored and not physically challenged.  About 10 years ago I started taking a Pilates class and was introduced to TELOS.  I had two other gym memberships and cancelled them immediately after joining TELOS.At TELOS, I had my Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment and started a personal training regimen that fit my own specific needs and goals. The knowledgeable staff continues to hold me accountable and push me to obtain my goals.  I soon added several cardio classes which I still enjoy today such as Tabata, Hype, Total Body Conditioning (TBC), and SportsNut.  In February I joined bodybar Studio at TELOS and absolutely love this new addition to the gym.  I am also looking forward to adding Candlelight Yoga as a way to relax!In the past, I have had two knee surgeries and more recently a back injury that left me stagnate for about a year. I received Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) Therapy and strengthening exercises that have helped me heal according to my injuries.  The staff at TELOS is like no other. They care about you like you’re family.I honestly don’t know why you would go anywhere else with the knowledgeable, friendly staff and amazing amenities TELOS has to offer.  Whether you come to take a swim in the pool, meet a friend for lunch at CHALK, or sweat on the latest equipment, the sky’s the limit when you enter the doors of TELOS.
TELOS…I’m your #1 fan!