Kyle Wesley

Member Testimonials

Redefining My Workout Experience

My time at TELOS is something I enjoy and look forward to.  I make a point for it to be a part of my daily routine. On the days I am out of town traveling, I have to settle for whatever the hotel I stay at offers.  But when I’m home, TELOS is a very nice part of my day.  In 2007, I completed my first full marathon. Since then I have completed 12 full marathons.  TELOS offers me the best facility to train at and prepare for my running. The professional treadmills at TELOS are wonderful for my training. The time flies by when I have a couple dozen TV channels to watch while running, even if 99% of my viewing is Fox News !

I know it takes a lot of hard work to keep TELOS running at the top of its game day in and day out. TELOS has a great list of assets and these begin with the people.  Being that TELOS is owned and operated by the same two people makes a difference in how the club is run.  Almost every great restaurant I’ve been to was owned and operated by someone that loves what they do. A national chain restaurant just cannot match the personal service given by an owner/ operator.  I think the same principle applies to health clubs. If TELOS was a part of some nationwide chain it just could not be as good as it is today. The TELOS professional trainers are extremely knowledgeable and friendly.  The service staff is excellent and their hard work is greatly appreciated.

Besides all the great people and equipment, there is another extra special part of TELOS that I enjoy. It is the private locker service.  I am a forgetful person, so remembering to load up my workout gear each day is a pain. At TELOS, I take advantage of their private locker and laundry service.  At the end of each workout, I just put my dirty clothes in the little laundry bag and toss them in the towel bin. Then the magic happens! The next day my workout clothes are clean and back in my locker and I’m all set to get started on my next great workout. Thank you TELOS for redefining my workout experience!