Leslie Shaunfield

Member Testimonials

Leslie ShaunfieldI joined TELOS in the spring, it was the only place I considered when I decided to join a gym because I’ve heard nothing but great things from my friends that are long-time members.  From the moment you walk in, it’s apparent this isn’t your average gym from the unique atmosphere to the first class amenities and impressive array of services TELOS provides.   The staff is very friendly and helpful, I appreciate that there is a trainer walking the gym who is available to assist you with the equipment or give you guidance on technique all throughout the day.

I’ve always been active, fit and health conscious but needed extra help since the same old methods I’ve always relied on were not working.  My main goal was to improve muscle tone and lose a few pounds.  A personal trainer appealed to me because of their professional knowledge to design a workout that was tailored to my specific needs plus the extra accountability would motivate me.

I have been working with Clint Henderson, a personal trainer at TELOS since I joined.  After the initial assessment, he created a workout routine based on my goals.   As I reached milestones, Clint would make changes to my fitness workout so that I continued to make progress and be challenged.   Clint has been a great fit with my personality because he is very detail oriented with an exacting nature and skilled at pushing me outside my mental limitations.

Over the last 9 months, the results came faster and have been aided by having a personal trainer who is active in promoting my commitment to fitness and improved diet choices.  I’m thankful for that support and encouragement, the only regret I have is that I didn’t join TELOS earlier.