Linda Camin

Member Testimonials

At the age of 67, I joined TELOS in 2006 for the swimming pool and Pilates classes. Having been resistant to working out with general fitness machines, it was my intention to never enter the Coliseum. A few years later, severe, debilitating shoulder and upper arm pain appeared. After several weeks, I went to Membership Services to lapse my membership; the staff member suggested I see Everett. He provided weekly therapy and got me started with a Professional Trainer three times/week. After an orthopedic surgeon diagnosed a bone spur and recommended “surgery, sooner than later”, I sought a second opinion. This orthopedic surgeon said surgery was not necessary and recommended cortisone injections and physical therapy. Knowing I would probably not do the physical therapy exercises at home on a regular basis, I started training at TELOS that incorporated those exercises into the first 20 minutes of my sessions. The pain gradually diminished and eventually left!

I have been working with Daniel Tague twice/weekly for several years. Dan is always very professional and a pleasure to work with. He has enabled me to increase my strength and balance, improve my posture and taught me safer body mechanics. I especially appreciate his ability to individualize the workouts to deal with inevitable aches and pains, provide for continual improvement and monitor my form to avoid injury.  Dan has also gotten me back on track after several minor surgeries and illnesses.; he literally has kept – and is still keeping me – on my feet. When I first started training with Dan, I could lift 5 lb. weights; I am now lifting 12 1/2 lb. weights. A few months ago, at the of 79, I learned how to do an assisted plank (a move I hadn’t done in yoga class for over 20 years).

The positive and supportive attitude of everyone at TELOS – from the front desk staff to the housekeeping people – also helps keep me coming. Having discovered the value of personal training in my 70’s, I am a happy example that “it is never too late.”