Mario Shane

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Maintaining a Well & Balanced Life

My TELOS experience has been one of maintaining wellness and a balance in life. This club is much more than a gym. You always receive a welcome greeting at the front desk, and the staff is always looking for a way to serve you.

As a former offensive lineman at Stanford, I had to make the physical and mental transition from bulk and power to flexibility and stamina.

The staff and the facilities have been the playground for me to enjoy the quality of life after football.  When you feel better physically, you can challenge yourself mentally and enjoy the journey.  For whatever stage of fitness you begin, there a plenty of options to get you to the next level.

Today, I am 65lbs lighter from my playing weight with flexibility and a range of motion that has surpassed my goals.

I give credit to the chiropractic care and the massage therapists that assisted in an excellent recovery from hip surgery due to a football injury.  I had to overcome my ego and allow the talented team of power yoga professionals take me a long way from “stretching” to the advanced class. The yoga staff is willing to take the time to get you in the right postures for your stage of development.  They assisted me with effective movements which allowed for rapid progression to other postures. The instructors provided encouragement to continue, and I quickly saw results in my flexibility, endurance and range of motion. Now, I can do head stands and flying crow, which I never would have imagined.

This club provides me with intense weight training and cardiovascular activities to Namaste in a fun and social environment. You don’t need to look far to ask someone for guidance. Everything you need is here and accessible for your benefit.

Way to go Team TELOS!