Miranda Beck

Member Testimonials

I am currently a member of TELOS Fitness Center, and I see Charlie Hay for personal training sessions twice a month for a good few months now. Something that keeps me coming to the training sessions is that Charlie *cares*. He is smart, attentive, and really gives the individual attention I hope for when I see a specialist in any field.

I complained to Charlie about persistent pain in my wrist on my dominant hand. As we worked out around this, he would always ask me if I had pain anywhere else. I didn’t think so, but said I’d look out. I began noticing that my shoulder on that same right arm also didn’t feel quite right, and I guess I had overlooked it because I figured it was just part of/related to my wrist issues. As soon as I flagged the potential shoulder issue for Charlie, he examined it and told me he thought it looked impinged / protracted. We then integrated this into my workout plan.

Well, just recently, after months of health insurance battles, I was finally in to see an orthopedic surgeon to check out my wrist. I remembered what Charlie had brought to my attention, so I asked the doctor to look at my shoulder as well. We did X-rays and, would you believe, the doctor comes in and says exactly that my shoulder is impinged!! Even using the same wording Charlie did. Now we are working on a treatment plan and will begin to take some preventative measures so that I do not have a major shoulder problem later in life! Which this likely would have led to!

Without Charlie’s attention to detail, and the real care he puts in to his work, I may not have noticed this issue or sought treatment for it. This is potentially life-changing for me. I am so grateful, I just had to share.

Thank you Charlie! Thank you TELOS!