Nancy J. Boezi

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Save Your Skinny Jeans

TELOS Is My Sanctuary

At 35 years of age, while winning twelve national awards in medical sales, I fit in my fitness routine, exercising 4-6 times / week. Nothing has changed. Today at 55, I own a Sales / Marketing Company specializing in the field sales launch, relaunch of medical products, services. My fitness regimen and dress size are the same.

If your heart’s desire is to send your body home to the sizzling size you were in your 20‘s and 30‘s, take a look at your intake of…..”Sugar.”

Everywhere I go, colleagues, customers and comrades alike, comment on my physical appearance. They say, I look the same as I did decades ago. How? Does anyone? I do.

But. Before you designate me disciplinarian for dietary restraint, or credit me with complete obedience to the advice of Yvette, Georgia, Wes, decipher these details. Decide for yourself.

The oddity occurred earlier this year, after an unforeseen medical restriction to reduce my already low intake of sugar, to ease my allergic reactions.

Now, I wear the size I wore, in my 20’s and 30’s….save your “Skinny Jeans.”

I am a full blooded, fair skinned Italian, genetically predisposed to allergies; food, environmental, skin. Sensitive to sugar, unable to comfortably digest refined sugars.

As I assessed the degree of discipline now demanded of me, I thought back to recommendations received from Nutritionists / Personal Trainers when I joined the TELOS Fitness Center, six years ago. These conversations convinced me, sugar reduction is a key component in weight reduction.

I love to exercise, have for decades. Ran 10K’s for ten years.

TELOS is my sanctuary; safe, state of the art fitness.

The private, peaceful Pilates Studio is unsurpassed. Veronica presents perfection in the surreal studio. I have taken hundreds of classes, no two alike. The instructor maintains integrity of core movements, with varied venues. I love VBarre, an aerobic combination of Ballet, Pilates, Yoga. I enjoy Pilates Mat / Tower, Weight Training, Walking. Next, Yoga.

Exercise keeps me fit, sugar reduction keeps me slender.