Niki Watson

Member Testimonials

Niki Watson cropped FRAMEDThe year 2008 remains in my memory as a very painful year.  After a lifetime of being active, I developed a small foot pain during a workout.  I expected it would go away in a few days; within a few weeks, I realized I was facing a bigger problem.  After too many visits to healthcare providers, I gave up trying to address the issue and resigned myself to living with it.  My feet hurt when performing simple tasks like grocery shopping.  I missed being able to do all of the things I used to enjoy.

I had passed the TELOS building for many years while commuting and decided to look over the website.  I felt an immediate sense of encouragement.  After my first Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment, I had more information about why I was experiencing pain than I had collected in the 24 months prior.  My Ortho-Kinetics® Trainer/Therapist, Glenn Haugk, started M.A.T. treatments and designed a weight training program to address my muscle imbalances and weaknesses.  Within a few months, I was walking around pain-free.  Within a year, I was able to run some intervals on a treadmill, which I feel is a small miracle.  I thought I would never run again. Today, I can run barefoot with no pain.

My life and body have changed beyond my expectations.  My original reason for joining TELOS was to find a remedy for pain, but I have found so much more.  I am stronger than I ever thought I could be.  I recently reviewed my very first weight training program and chuckled at how much I have accomplished over the years.  I feel more competent working with weights, and I look forward to my workouts.  There is genius in being able to design programs that effectively challenge the body without causing injury or debilitating soreness.   A new strength training program now means new challenges that I am excited to meet, because I can trust the philosophy and approach TELOS promotes “with Ortho-Kinetics®

I owe my success to Glenn’s knowledge and guidance.  His expertise in assessing my needs, effort in teaching me proper lifting form, and willingness to provide extras (such as giving me tips on staying active while I am housebound in the subzero temperatures of rural Manitoba) put in place a foundation that makes progress inevitable.  When Glenn has taken vacations, I have worked with other trainers.  I have also had the pleasure of working with TELOS Nutrition Specialist, Wes Cade, on my nutrition plan and have learned a lot about what kinds of adjustments to make.  It was not all bad news either; I learned that I was not taking in enough calories on a daily basis.  I am better equipped to make good decisions with respect to my diet. The consistency in expertise and message shows how dedicated and professional the staff is.  I know I am in competent hands and will get the best 60 minutes of my day with any of them.

What I have found at TELOS is a community of supportive players.  From Nikki’s cheery greeting when I walk in the door, to the hardworking housekeeping and maintenance staff, to the trainers, everyone wants me to have a good experience and be successful.  That is what makes TELOS stand apart from other fitness facilities. There simply is nowhere else like it.