Patty Mallard

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Patty Mallard body length RESIZED for WEBSITEFifteen years ago, as I faced turning 40 and was extremely overweight, I knew I had to do something. I totally changed my eating habits, cut out all sugar and starchy carbs, ate five small meals every day and began walking. Over the next year, I ate almost perfectly and worked with a trainer 3-4 times a week. I lost 85 pounds in a year, but unfortunately, I also injured both my knees due to my trainer’s careless attitude about my form and pushing me to lift too heavy of weight.  I decided to start exercising on my own, and for the next ten years, I was pretty successful in maintaining my weight, eating healthy almost all of the time, and working out fairly consistently.

After I turned fifty, it was more challenging.  Although I belonged to two gyms, I struggled with consistency. Over the next four years I gained and lost the same 20 lbs over and over again. The final straw came one year ago.  With a scheduled foot surgery and an unfavorable recovery process, I wanted to go into the surgery in my best shape. I started working out again and re-injured my knee in the process. By the spring I had gained 25 lbs and for the first time in my life, I felt old and depressed. I knew I needed help, but wasn’t quite sure where to start. Then I remembered, the TELOS gym membership I had purchased at my school’s silent auction included five hours of personal training. I called that day and made an appointment to get started.

After my Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment with Matt, we started training. The difference in the training was night and day compared to what I had experienced before.  He was focused on every aspect of my form, constantly watching and making numerous corrections.  Often they were just tiny tweaks and I was amazed at the difference such a small change of position could make.  He continuously asked about my knees and my back, changing exercises and correcting my form to protect my knees and take strain off my lower back.  I felt noticeably better within the first two weeks. I continued to train twice a week, attended Ortho-Kinetics® group classes, and received Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT).  Due to my knee injury, the bike was all I could handle for cardio, but Matt showed me how I could still get a great workout doing high intensity intervals.  Over the next few months I grew much stronger and every week the stairs that were previously intimidating after my knee injury became easier to descend.  Kari emailed me after my first two months to see how things were going and if I was interested in extending my membership and my answer was an easy “YES!”

Every Tuesday, Matt checks for any weaknesses and helps me perform exercises to target those areas. When he performs MAT, I can immediately see a change. I leave feeling great and I am motivated to keep it up until I see him next.  I have also started attending Pilates classes. The instructors have helped me make small modifications to protect my knees.  I think I might try yoga next!

I’ve been at TELOS for 8 months now and it is definitely part of my routine.  I have dropped 25 lbs and feel wonderful.  I move differently, my energy level is high, I can run up and down the stairs easily, and I feel positive it is going to get even better!  I’m pretty much pain free with the exception of a few knee “twinges” here and there.  While I wouldn’t say working out is fun, I enjoy my time at TELOS. I feel a connection to the people here and it makes something I used to dread, something I actually look forward to.  I am so grateful to Matt for his guidance and expertise.  All the employees here are friendly and helpful; from Lacey and Xochitl at the Service Desk, to Kelly, who never fails to ask how my training is going, to Lindsay who always greets me with such enthusiasm and encouragement, first as a Service Desk Representative and now as the new Member Experience Manager.   TELOS has helped me find better balance to my life.  I used to find myself working very long hours with little time for much else, but now I schedule my workouts just like my work and make myself leave when it is time.  I no longer make excuses. To be honest, having a trainer with Matt’s expertise is a big financial commitment for me, but I can’t think of anything more worthwhile to spend my money on than my health.  I guess I learned the hard way that when it comes to trainers; you get what you pay for.

I am thankful as the New Year approaches; I don’t feel a need to make any wellness resolutions.   I have no doubt I will continue to eat right and work out consistently. Thanks to TELOS, I am definitely looking forward to a Happy New Year!