Paul Bermudez

Member Testimonials

PaulBermudez CROPPED and FRAMEDIn June of 2012, I suddenly suffered a stroke that rendered me unable to move the right side of my body. It was a terrible shock to me.

I spent two months in the hospital, and then another four months at home struggling to do normal things which I had done so easily before.

A good friend of mine told me about TELOS.  He boasted about their great training program, Ortho-Kinetics®, and told me that an Ortho-Kinetics® trainer would evaluate my needs and could systematically help me achieve my goals.  My Ortho-Kinetics® Trainer, Cecil, was so focused, and his great bedside manner made me feel that I had to try this!

…And I have been excited ever since I did!

We have made incredible strides, and  continue to do so.  The entire TELOS staff has been kind and considerate with my work.  I could not find a better group of people to assist me.

Frankly, I don’t understand why anyone would go anywhere else!  I tell at least one friend a week about the incredible progress and the huge role that TELOS has made in my life.