Remington Roberts

Member Testimonials

Being an Ortho-Kinetics® trainer at TELOS, I talk to members everyday about what their health and wellness goals are, and what they are doing to reach them. I was struggling with relaying to my clients and members the importance of sacrificing some things in order to reach their goals.  I finally realized the reason I was struggling was because I was not practicing what I was preaching. I have always been complacent with my body, so I ate whatever I wanted (junky, sugary, goodness…DONUTS are my weakness), and worked out occasionally, not consistently enough. How was I supposed to help others when I was not doing the best I can with my nutrition and exercise regimen? That’s when I decided to reevaluate  my goals, and put my money where my mouth is! I knew I needed some motivation to get myself going, so I decided to enter myself in a bikini fitness show. No better motivation than knowing you will be in front of hundreds of people in a bikini and heels getting judged on your body! I am a trainer, so it should be easy for me- I know how to exercise and what to eat right? You would assume, but it is not that simple! I learned after two months I needed help. Fortunately for me I work at the best fitness club with the most knowledgeable group of trainers; that is something I am so thankful I can take advantage of. I tightened up my nutrition completely, which I can not stress enough just how important that is! NUTRITION IS KEY. I started training with a trainer at TELOS twice a week. I needed accountability, and I needed someone to push me to my max potential. I have been a trainer for 3 years now, but that does not mean that I do not need one myself, just like everyone else. With my nutrition, working out with a trainer, and working out consistently on my own, I was able to compete in my first fitness show, and most importantly I was able to take my body to a place that I did not know it could go. I know what sacrifices it takes, and I can promise you, it is absolutely worth it. I will continue to live a healthy lifestyle, I feel stronger than I ever have, both mentally and physically. My TELOS family has supported me the whole way. Not only my fellow co-workers, but also clients, and members helped me persevere, and supported me every step of the way. We are a family here, not just a typical gym. We are always here to help each other succeed, and I do not know of other health clubs that can say that!

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