Samantha Young

Member Testimonials

Samantha Young PicLike many athletes at TELOS Fitness Center, I came to get relief from pain and get back to my life’s activities.  I am a dancer and a dance instructor.  I have taken ballet from the time I was four, and through the teaching of great instructors, I have been able to dance at a professional level in the Cecchetti method.

Last year during the fall semester I experienced a strain in my right glute and lower back.  It didn’t bug me all that much, but at the end of the year I took my parents’ advice and went to a D.O. to take care of it.

As I visited this physician, I continued to dance and developed greater pain in my lower back.  Her efforts were sincere, but the treatment just wasn’t working for me.  It was then that my dad suggested I try the Ortho-Kinetics® treatment and exercise at TELOS, which he had received after his hip replacement surgery.

While I have been at TELOS, I have experienced excellent professional care, but I have also developed wonderful relationships with the staff and trainers.  Everyone in the TELOS family has demonstrated genuine concern and support during my healing process and is helping me to reach my goals of health.

In addition to my success in recovery, I have taken a keen interest in Ortho-Kinetics®, because it has helped me as a dancer.  I am now working to become an Ortho-Kinetics® certified Trainer with the design of taking this excellent exercise method to the dance community.  It is my hope to be able to share this beneficial information with other dancers so they do not have to experience painful injuries caused by muscle imbalances and weakness.

Thank you to Everett, Daniel, and everyone at TELOS for your expertise, encouragement, and friendship.  As much as I want to get rid of the pain, I thank God for it, because it has brought me to TELOS.