Sara Wickline

Member Testimonials

Sara WicklineI became a member at TELOS in May 2014. At that time I was constantly in great pain from a back injury many years prior. To cure the pain at the time, I was getting faucet joint injections every few weeks, which deliver a steroid medication to anesthetize the joints and help block the pain. A few weeks after joining the club, I decided to try out the Ortho-KineticsĀ® Assessment. With the help of the Member Experience Manager, we scheduled my assessment with Nikki Smith, believing that Nikki and I would work well together. I could not imagine having a better match with a trainer. I quickly realized that I have a lot in common with Nikki, not only from our dance experience but our love for vegetarian foods!

With my ballet background, back pain, and years of stubbornly pushing through cardio workouts, I had left Nikki with a challenge. Nikki has been so patient and accommodating throughout our training and created many programs over the past year to help me strengthen without further injury. Nikki has an incredibly positive energy that really helps keep me going which has been a key role in my accomplishments thus far! She has helped me discover vegetarian protein options, build up the muscles around my injury, and improved my posture. But what I am most thankful for; is that I no longer have to get back injections! I have more energy and I feel stronger and healthier than I have felt in years. I am so thankful for TELOS and the wonderful staff. I really look forward to continuing my training with Nikki as she helps me prepare for my wedding!