Steve Williams

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Tour de TELOS

As an avid cyclist I have found that getting older does not mean you can’t compete like a pro if you have the desire and passion to enjoy the things you love.  For over 30 years I have entered several cycling events such as one-day century rides to multi-day tours and have always felt a sense of pride in those accomplishments.  Cycling, like many other endurance sports, requires a great deal of time and self discipline to improve your stamina and achieve a higher level of performance. However, if you are like many people that have a business career, finding time to work out is always a problem.

About four years ago after crossing the mid century mark I realized that putting off doing some of the things I enjoyed the most was not in the best interest of my health and I needed to make some changes. That was when I discovered TELOS and began my transformation.

My TELOS Tour began with Patti when she escorted me through the club and explained the layout of the many levels throughout the facility. I was extremely impressed with the many options and services offered and thought how it would even appeal to the most sophisticated member.  I immediately signed up and Patti arranged my first meeting with Cecil to begin my Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment and establish my performance goals. Throughout the last four years I have maintained a steady program of individual weight training and group classes and I have never felt better. The unique training style that TELOS endorses works extremely well for older folks like me to improve flexibility and strength without added stress to your joints. The weekly sessions with my trainer as well as group spin classes with Kim and Christina, have transformed my body.  I am now more fit and have confidence in my abilities to participate in some epic cycling tours. During the last three years I have participated in events like Ride the Rockies, which is a six-day bike tour through many of the same roads and mountain passes that the pro cyclists have traveled in the US Pro Challenge. While at 57 I realize I will never match a pro cyclist, it is extremely gratifying to know that you have traveled the same 500 miles of torturous mountains and endured the extreme altitude that many of my favorite pro cyclists have.

I feel blessed that I was given the genetics that my family passed along enabling me to maintain a younger lifestyle. However, I believe that without the support of like-minded individuals it is very difficult to achieve your goals. While the facility and services at TELOS are second to none, nothing compares to the staff and members. TELOS maintains a culture of healthy-minded members who enjoy the company of each other and a passionate staff that love what they’re doing and helping members succeed.