Surria Mawlawi

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Surria Mawlawi PICIf TELOS had a doppelganger it would be: “Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way!”

We have three aspects of health we must take care of:  mental, spiritual, and of course physical.  Now, this is not by any means a revolutionary statement or an exploration into unchartered territory; it is FACT- a fact that I had only been giving half my attention to.  I suffered from a car accident a few years ago that caused a ligament on my spine to be torn, two discs to bulge out of place, and unaligned my hips which caused my right leg to randomly pop out of place.  I over compensated for the injury to my leg and put more pressure on my  back, which put more pressure on my knees and caused an endless vicious cycle of pain.  I tried months of therapy and treatment that to no surprise failed.  I came to accept that the pain was just part of my life forever.  I became even more sedentary, my weight increased, my strength decreased, and overall my attitude was sub-par.

In January of this year, my bosses presented our group with the idea of a fitness competition, a “biggest loser” if you will.  It was a 90 day fitness challenge that was not based solely on weight loss, but on 3-4 personal goals you set for yourself.  We all accepted and the rest was history.  Well, maybe not exactly…

I joined TELOS in February and completed the Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment with Daniel, and within just two sessions of working with him, my back felt so much better.  I also became addicted to ZUMBA®-addicted to the point I look forward to Mondays- who else says that?  The Monday class is moving to Tuesdays this month, so I’ll be looking forward to Tuesdays now!  Since February I have lost 40 pounds, dropped 3 pant sizes, increased strength, and most of all gained a new attitude.

The TELOS facility offers so much more than just your typical gym membership; it is a strong community with the most cheerful and dedicated employees who greet me on a first name basis, offers an array of classes, and not to mention the fantastic locker rooms with all their goodies.

TELOS really has it all!