Susan Ellard

Member Testimonials

At TELOS you get that “good vibe” feeling the minute you walk through the door.  The positive energy pumping throughout the gym is contagious and moves among the trainers, instructors and my fellow dedicated members.  It’s a great environment and you can tell every person wants to be there.  TELOS has helped me rehabilitate a knee injury I sustained a few years ago while running.  I actually injured my left knee, but because my right leg over compensated I was having issues with both.  I could no longer run and was stuck, bored on a recumbent bike as my only source of physical activity.  Luckily when I joined TELOS I took the opportunity to have the Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment done and found my once solid core and perfect posture was as traumatized as my knees.  I needed a plan and some help if I ever wanted to run again.   My trainer created a series of weight training exercises I could do as well as Pilates to build up my strength.  I had a goal and with hard work and perseverance, I was walking pain free within three months and in five months I was running three miles again.  It really felt good to stop letting my injuries hinder me and accomplish my goal.

I am a big kid at heart and TELOS is my playground.  I have always enjoyed sports and working out, but after joining TELOS 18 months ago, I realized my true passion is Pilates.  The moment I saw the Pilates studio I got excited.  I had no clue what all the equipment was or did, but it looked like fun.   Being a newbie, I initially took private lessons to familiarize myself and to learn the technique.  Within a couple of weeks I was joining group classes and enjoying making my many new friends.   It wasn’t like working out at all.  It was more like playtime and I couldn’t wait for the next day and class.  I love the variety of classes the new Fusion 55 offers, like Vbarre, TransFORMation and REFORMation, that keeps me entertained and takes my old routine to the next level.

I often get asked by random strangers what’s my “secret” to being so fit?  I’m always happy to tell them it’s no “secret” it’s going to the gym and finding something you enjoy doing.  Whether it’s weights, cardio, Pilates, Yoga or the many other classes offered, there is something for everyone at TELOS.  Try all of them and you may like them all.  You just never know until you do it.  And I suppose that is the “secret”.   I can honestly say that I look forward to going to the gym and it shows.   I’ve actually inspired two of my friends to recently join.   I feel great, look great and I always have a smile on my face.  Being a member at TELOS makes me a happy healthy person and that is a wonderful feeling!