Suzy Galanis

Member Testimonials

Suzy Galanis websiteI’ve been a member since the original club was built 20 years ago, and I’ve witnessed it change with the times. I enjoyed being a member of the previous club, but the TELOS management and staff have done a terrific job of meeting and exceeding everyone’s needs and I love the changes that have taken place over the last ten years.

I am primarily a runner, but I love that TELOS has so many options for working out.  This is definitely the place where you can mix it up.  Yoga, Pilates, group fitness, personal training, plus so much more!  The amenities are endless, and I have utilized and enjoyed many, such as TELOS Tykes daycare, CHALK Bar & Grill, the David Chester Salon, and recently Synergy Sports Rehab.

I am so thankful rehab was added to the many services available at TELOS.  My 15 year old daughter injured herself two years ago playing basketball and recently had hip surgery.   We started rehab through Synergy Sports Rehab in mid-January under the care of Dr. Hare and Ortho-Kinetics® Trainer, Daniel Tague.  Her progress has been amazing!  She has undergone rehab at several different places, but TELOS is by far our favorite and has been the most effective.  It’s great to be a member of a fitness center that she has been a part of since six weeks old.  From the daycare to work outs and rehab, it’s been great for her too.

Besides the obvious fitness benefits, TELOS has been a place for me that has harvested many lifelong friendships that have lasted throughout the years – such good friendships that I actually chose my daughters school from the advice of friends that I met through the gym!  It’s great to be in a place where you can spend time with friends while you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  It’s truly motivating!